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the O.C icons

hey! our icons *don't* make the baby jesus cry

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An elite community to post O.C icons in. Because most some of the O.C icons around suck and for such a pretty show, it'd be nice to have some pretty icons. Here you'll find good quality icons that don't suck. Although we're elite, we're not evil, if your icons are good but not great then we'll likely let you in as we have a constructive criticism thing going on here. See further down the info for the deal about that.

You want to apply? Check out this post.

If you don't apply properly in that post and just click the link in the userinfo then no, you won't be added no matter how good your icons are. Because illiteracy is not an attractive quality.

Only icon makers will be accepted as members and have posting permission. If you don't make icons and just want to use the icons posted then friend the community.

Posting rules
1. The community is for O.C icons. It's not for friends only banners, not wallpaper, not fanart, not pimping your own community, not asking what song played at the end of last weeks episode or whatever. There are plenty of other communities just full of this kind of thing.
2. Do not make posts of only one icon. It's annoying.
3. Feel free to show around three icons as a sample but have the rest under a lj-cut.
4. If you do have a community you'd like to pimp then you may do so in an icon post but don't make a seperate post.
5. No icon requests. Make your own sucky icons and quit harassing.
6. We would prefer that icons were posted under a cut in the community rather than linked to in a post in your personal journal or a community. This way it's easier for us to give constructive criticism and we don't have to look through other fandom icons to find O.C icons. (And no, it does not use up bandwidth if you post icons in multiple communities, the same number of people seeing one post and seeing numerous posts has the same effect on bandwidth) We'd also prefer that if you do link to your own lj rather than post within the community, that it's to a post of strictly O.C icons that you link.

Icon rules
1. All kinds of O.C icons are accepted, character, shipper (conventional, unconventional, slash), group and icons of the actors and actresses.
2. No bashing of any of the actors or characters. Mischa Barton's weight is not relevant to making icons. Of course, humourous icons are great. Just not say, icons of Anna with her face crossed out and 'DIE!' written on them or Zach icons that say 'fag' 'asshole' etc. Hello crazy people.
3. If your icons aren't for sharing, then don't post them. It's pretty pointless.
4. If you're going to use the icons posted in this community then you must credit the creator. Just because most O.C fans are teenyboppers who can't type doesn't mean that you can also be rude and not credit.
5. Don't alter bases unless the icon maker says you can. It's rude. Especially if you ruin the base when you do so. And blank icons? Not necessarily bases.
6. Oh and hey if your icons are too big for LJ limits then don't post them. Really.
7. All icon posts must be public.

And finally, and also importantly...
Constructive criticism is encouraged. Obviously saying "Hi! That icon sucks like Seth sucks Ryan" is rude and unhelpful. But pointing out both the good and bad points is useful to an icon maker and will help them improve. Detailed constructive feedback is far better than just 'cool, thanks, taking some'. If the icon maker did something particularily good? Tell them. If they did something that you think could be improved to make their icons better? Tell them. We want this community to have good O.C icons and so constructive criticism is especially important. While your icons may have been good enough to get into this community that doesn't mean they're all perfect or that you don't have room for improvement (and of course this applies to the moderators also). All members are encouraged to leave constructive and detailed feedback on icon posts if they're so inclined. If you're going to be offended by any criticism of your icons then maybe this community isn't for you.

And we're really not as mean or bitchy as we make out. Feel free to email with any questions or queries or even flames if you feel so inclined.

And we do want you to join, so you should. Except if you suck. You should also post once you have joined so we can look at pretty things.

Any questions can be emailed to emily@fractured-heart.org and the moderators (somefairytale and verbalthing) will get back to you as soon as possible.
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